Month: July 2023

SoftPeak #10 – Digital Collaboration

In SoftPeak #10 – Digital Collaboration we explore the latest innovations in Microsoft Teams, Loop, Mesh Avatars, PowerPoint Live, Whiteboard, and effective meeting strategies. […]

SoftPeak #9 – Search & Intelligence

In SoftPeak #9, explore Search & Intelligence, exploring internet search and intranet search, semantic search indexing, Bing Chat Enterprise, and Microsoft Copilot. Discover the […]

SoftPeak #8 – Power Platform

In SoftPeak #8 – Power Platform, we explore the Power Platform, Citizen Development, and the democratization of innovation. We discuss driving adoption of makers […]

SoftPeak #7 – Video

In SoftPeak #7 – Video we explore the world of video editing and its benefits. We showcase tools like Microsoft Stream, Windows Clipping Tool, […]

SoftPeak #6 – Data

SoftPeak #6 explores data analytics, equipping users with tools like Excel, Power BI, and Microsoft Dataverse to extract true value from data. This episode […]

SoftPeak #5 – Content Management

In SoftPeak #5 – Content Management we explore mastering content types in Microsoft 365, OneDrive, SharePoint, Markdown,, and Visual Studio Code. This episode […]

SoftPeak #4 – Intranet

In SoftPeak #4 – Intranet, we explore SharePoint and its features for creating a powerful and engaging intranet experience. We explore building a new […]

SoftPeak #3 – Company Branding

SoftPeak’s third episode, “SoftPeak #3 – Company Branding,” explores the importance of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files in company branding across Microsoft 365 and […]

SoftPeak #2 – WordPress on Azure

In SoftPeak #2 we explore Microsoft Azure’s capabilities for a seamless WordPress hosting experience using Azure App Hosting Service. Azure offers exceptional capabilities for […]

SoftPeak #1 – Microsoft 365 Overview

SoftPeak, your ultimate destination for digital literacy, artificial intelligence, and citizen development, first episode is on Microsoft 365, focusing on the initial setup and […]