Top 10 announcements @ Ignite 2021

Wow, this week has been super exciting – Microsoft Ignite 2021 presented many cool new announcements…  and adding the fact that Microsoft already launched tons of news on the Spring Ignite earlier this year, this was just awesome!

The Ignite Book of News 2021 covers many of the announcements for Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, Security, Power Platform, AI and much more.

Here is my list of top 10 announcements @ Ignite 2021.

1. Collaborative Applications | Fusion Development | Teams (… as a platform)

The love story of Microsoft Teams and the Power Platform. Empowering any team to create custom solutions in their unique context that greatly expedites digital transformation. 

2. Context IQ

Natively integrated AI experiences across Microsoft 365 that predict, seek, and suggest information people need, right in the flow of their work and offering users predictive assistance.

3. Power Platform (…)

Power Apps Azure Subscription (Pay-as-you-go). Adaptive Cards in Power Apps. Power Apps Native Apps (iOS, Android). Open-source Power Fx. Process Advisor. BYO AI Models for AI Builder. Proactive messaging bots… and so much more.

4. Microsoft Search | Search across the Dataverse

Tailoring the search experience for enterprise needs. Enabling Dataverse environments to Microsoft Search. Dynamics 365 federation search in Microsoft Search… and more.

5. Microsoft Viva (…)

Now generally available to help transform your hybrid work experience. Microsoft Viva as a suite. New logos and new family member – – enabling objectives and key results (OKR). And much more…

6. Microsoft Loop

New application that combines a powerful and flexible canvas with portable components that move freely and stay in sync across Microsoft 365 apps, enabling teams to think, plan and create together.

7. | Office JS API in Excel

New experience on to serve as a hub for files, content, and apps. Create your own custom data types, including images, entities, and formatted number values, backed by your own custom data sources in Excel using JavaScript API.

8. Mesh for Microsoft Teams

The next leap for 2D and 3D with personalized avatars and immersive spaces where users can connect with presence and have shared immersive experiences. Bridges the gap between physical and digital, empowering users to connect across devices wherever they choose to live and work from.

9. SharePoint Online | SharePoint App Bar

Rich, secure content and collaboration for hybrid work. New templates, solutions, pages and news, including integrations with Microsoft Teams. Create content from App Bar. Dark Mode for app bar – Top of mind 😉

10. Microsoft Lists | Data in board view

Work with list data in a board -; Moving items through stages is as easy as dragging and dropping. Modern lookup columns. Create and view lists from the SharePoint app bar. Rich-text editor (RTE) updates. Fast and offline (General Availability) and much more…

This short list is just a fraction of the cool things Microsoft Ignite 2021 has to offer, even though the event is over the experience has just started and the sessions and digital content is available on demand –

Susan Hanley has kindly compiled a Microsoft Ignite November 2021 Roadmap Slides Summary containing valuable slides with roadmap releases for many of the announcements.

Thanks for a great event and looking forward to experience more awesome Microsoft tech…