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Wow, this week has been super exciting – Microsoft Ignite 2020 is like a never-ending digital injection of awesome new announcements.

Microsoft Ignite had 811 sessions lined up, all-digital and free for everyone. The Ignite Book of News 2020 covers almost 100 new announcements. Very impressive!

Here is my list of top 10 announcements @ Ignite 2020.

1. Project Oakdale | CDS within Teams

Microsoft Project Oakdale, a built-in, low code data platform for your apps, bots, and automation within Teams.

2. Project Nucleus | Microsoft Lists offline sync

Project Nucleus power the next generation of our web apps and portals. Using intelligent sync to a database to keep a cache on the client that our web apps use to deliver a better performance.

3. SharePoint Syntex | Project Cortex first product

The first product from Project Cortex and uses advanced AI and machine teaching to amplify human expertise, automate content processing, and transform content into knowledge.

4. Microsoft Stream | Manage video as any other file

Vision for Microsoft Stream: to bring intelligent video creation, sharing, and viewing to all parts of Microsoft 365, while empowering users and administrators to manage video just as they would any other file.

5. Microsoft Search | Smarter enterprise search

Microsoft Search is the evolution of search, smarter search to help you stay in touch with what’s important and trending around you in Microsoft 365 and your connected systems.

6. Microsoft Teams | Future of work

Many new capabilities to help people stay connected, collaborate, and build solutions in Teams. 

7. Github Code Spaces | .NET 5 single file applications

Cloud-powered developer environments that seamlessly integrate into GitHub. Single file applications in .NET 5.

8. Power Automate Desktop | Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate your time-consuming manual processes with robotic process automation (RPA) in Power Automate.

9. Project for the web | Project Acceleration

Microsoft Project and the Project Accelerator give you best-in-class project management capabilities that integrate with your digital platform.

10. SharePoint App Bar | Homesite App for Teams

The SharePoint App Bar is a consistent navigation that provides access to your most used sites, files, and also organizational news.

This short list is just a fraction of the cool things Microsoft Ignite 2020 has to offer, even though the event is over the experience has just started and the sessions and digital content is available on demand.

If you are looking for a quick and great 15 minute summary, check out Matt Wades (jumpto365) Microsoft Ignite 2020 Recap – Biggest Microsoft 365 announcements for everyday users.

Susan Hanley from Microsoft has kindly compiled a Microsoft Ignite 2020 Microsoft 365 Roadmap Slide Summary containing valuable slides with roadmap releases for many of the announcements.

Thanks for a great event and looking forward to experience more awesome Microsoft tech…

Improvised review/demo using the new Microsoft Surface Go 2 to showcase my use cases and leveraging capabilities of Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 cloud services.

This video review was recorded and edited completely on the Surface Go 2 using the new Windows 10 Video Editor inside the Photos application.

Demo of using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) filters and virtual camera in Microsoft Teams online meetings.

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The world is changing fast. We are experiencing rapid and fundamental changes never seen in recorded history. Decision makers are forced to take radical decisions that will have long term impacts on our lives. Social distancing is the best bet in order to flatten the curve, implicitly making the timespan of the curve longer… its first when the smoke is cleared, we will know the full impact.

Countries, organizations, individuals and communities are basing decisions on common datasets from the open Internet, not really able to validate the authenticity. The established media is publishing headlines based on the same datasets and the information arena is completely flooded with voices trying to be heard… we are in times of crisis.

”There’s no need to panic … but we need to get going.” – Bill Gates said on the TED 2015 talk (The next outbreak? We’re not ready). To this point Microsoft has created several impressive cloud platforms and solutions to facilitate for organizations to better adapt to the new VUCA-world (ever increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). Microsoft Teams has seen an explosive growth as many more workers are now working from home. The digital workplace services in Office 365 is making this transition possible, with security and governance built in. Benefiting from the raw power of the Power Platform everyone is empowered to innovate and make custom solutions, ready to be deployed today.

In these times of crisis Microsoft recently has made two impressive solutions freely available for customer organizations to quickly adjust and implement for improved crisis communication and healthcare organizations emergency response capabilities. Showcasing the effectiveness of the Power Platform and integrated Office 365 cloud services.

What is the Crisis Communication app?

Connects users with information about a crisis in one easily accessible place. Includes internal company news, RSS feeds, frequently asked questions, links and emergency contacts. Data is stored in SharePoint lists and the included administration application allows for activation of selected features and content creation.

What is the Emergency Response solution?

Provides capabilities for healthcare organizations (hospitals) to collect data for situational awareness of available spaces and supplies, related patients, staffing, and pending discharges. Data is stored in the Common Data Service (CDS) and the solution includes a Power BI dashboard to summarize key data and insights for managers to make well informed decisions.

For even more crisis management solutions and remote working check out the related episode of the Intrazone –

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Foster innovation everywhere across your organization with the Microsoft Power Platform – analyze data, build solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents.

What is Power Platform (

What is

Application Lifecycle Management Body of Knowledge ( is a free online knowledge base with all things related to Governance, Development and Operations of software applications and digital products. The ambition of is to structure insights about business and software development methods, tools and processes along the entire lifecycle from the cradle to the grave. is completely free and without advertising revenue, but with the opportunity to be supported as a Patreon.

Please visit for additional information on how you can establish an effective software governance and guidance for digital transformation. Some hot areas of knowledge with regards to Microsoft Power Platform include:

If you would like to help further develop with new areas of knowledge, please contact me directly on Linkedin or join the LinkedIn group –

Maybe for the first time in human history the opposite seems true for ancient storyteller Aesop’s quote:

“United we Stand, divided we Fall”. – Aesop

In these times of crisis and social distancing it seems more like…

“Divided we Stand, United we Fall” – Social Distancing, 2020

Stay safe, stay creative and together we make powerful digital solutions that truly empowers users for effective change in times of crisis and beyond.

Watch on YouTube: Exploring the Microsoft Power Platform from a citizen developer perspective.

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Exploration of the Microsoft Power Platform from a citizen developer perspective.

Covering Empowerment, Power BI, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and AI Builder.

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An exploration of SonarQube and the pursuit of enchanted Software Quality.

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What is Digital Transformation and why is it important?

Please join me in the exploration of Digital Transformation and more…

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Exploring the concepts of Best in Breed (BOB) and Fully Integrated Systems (FIS).

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A quick overview of the modern SharePoint Intranet experience and exploring Modern vs Classic, SharePoint Look Book, Webparts, Office UI Fabrics, Framework (SPFx) and SharePoint Starter Kit

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How to create a modern SharePoint Online Document Set. Simple steps to create a better folder options for your files.

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